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Valentine Radio

AM1610 in Valentine

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Part-15 AM1610

Valentine, Texas by Jill Miller


Valentine Radio is intended to bring local radio to Valentine and surrounding communities. We currently can be heard on the internet and we welcome you to listen as we develop our programming and make the station ready for launch this summer.


Our transmitter is now operational in Valentine. At 100mw, or 1/10th of a watt, there are a lot of factors involved in getting good reception. The biggest problem with extremely low power is competing radiation at the same or greater level than the broadcast transmission. What is needed is a good AM radio. Those are not as available as they once were. Sadly, as technology has improved, the quality of AM radios have generally decreased. Our 2014 Ram has a horrible radio. It is almost useless to receive Valentine Radio. On the other hand, our 2012 Elantra has a pretty good radio. It can pick up Valentine Radio within the entire City of Valentine and half way to the shoe store.


The two main factors are going to be the quality of the radio and whatever in and near your house or car that would tend to offer interference. In any case the transmitter is operational at 1610AM. By the way, because of the way AM transmissions work, daytime reception will be better than reception at night. Generally speaking, for a legal unlicensed station in compliance with Part 15 of the FCC rules, the transmission is better than one might expect.


We intend to be as informative as we can and play a mix of music that is a combination of oldies and current Adult Contemporary music. Time will tell what impact a radio station will have in Valentine, Texas and in the surrounding communities that are not served by local commercial radio. We hope you will be a part of it!

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